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        Welcome to Bololy!

        Yongjia Bololy Pump & Valve Co., Ltd is in Oubei town well-known as "China Pump & Valve Village". Bololy has  become a professional manufacturer integrating development, sale and service with water-supply equipment, water treatment equipment, electronic control equipment, valve series, etc. Our company is a leading Pump & Valve supplier with high technology, advanced lathe machine, quality test center, etc. We have devoleped such products in recent years as air operated diaphragm pump, multistage pump, chemical pump, submersible pump, sewage pump, centrifugal pump and so on. Constant innovation and development is our tenet. Owning to the new structure, high quality and other excellent performances, more and more customers have accepted our products and would  build a long term cooperant relationship with us.

        Besides the products mentioned, there will be more new you can choose in the near future.

        Bololy is playing an important role in all the fields now, you should believe that you're working with a powerful international player, and we're always ready to provide you with reliable, cost-effective, efficient and long-lasting pump and valve solutions.

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